Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Livestock Fencing: Hack #1

Well it seems all the rage these days to talk about hacking things... things ranging from Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server down to a cigarette lighter!  Well I don't know how to hack a computer and all I do with a lighter is adjust the flame and get rid of those child proof things... or harvest the flit for my zippo!

A zippo lighter...

Well instead of talking about Hillary Clinton or lighters, I wanted to do a quick post on another work around that I have come up with.  So let's get to it and I'll do my best to make it quick and informative!

If you mosy on down to the premeir1supplies web site, you can find a product called the PowerLink 4.0.  Now I have had good success with these guys and am happy with everything they have sent me.  That said, this PowerLink 4.0 costs $4.50 (plus shipping if you don't spend over $100).  Now I have one and it works great, but now that I need another one, I'm not dropping that kind of money when I can do it myself!

These things are basically alligator clips with a wire connecting them.  The plastic handle is such that it should keep you from getting zapped if you grap them, carefully, while they are energized by the fence... but in reality, I won't touch them without turning off the fence charger (you can call me a wimp, that doesn't bother me).

Step 1 - Get some gator clips!

Gardner Bender 2" clips

Here's the box of the ones I got... they look like the ones above.

Any old clips should work as long as the wire you have will fit inside them!  These clips came with a screw terminals, which was quite helpful!

Step 2 - Wire

For the wire I used about a 2ft strand of wire I got from extension cord I got from somebodies trash can a few years back!  It had some issues, but I threw on some ends and I still use part of it for different jobs around the house today... this scrap was just right and didn't cost me a thing!

Step 3 - Connectors

For this job, as mentioned above, I crimped on some connectors and screwed them to the terminals on the clips AFTER I put the dust covers over the wire!  I didn't do this at first and later had to cut off a connector and crimp a new one on to get the dust covers on... for connectors I used one of these... and for $12 it is completely worth it!  I should get another one...

This basic kit can allow you to fix so many things!  (Get one!)
Seriously, I've used it to fix my circular saw, make these clips, fix a ladies laundry dryer... these things are really useful!

Step 4 - Put it together

Again, put the dust covers on, crimp on the connectors (I used the red ring connector) and screw the ring connectors to the gator clips... slip the dust covers on and you are done!


Gator Clips - $1.35
Wire - Free
Connector - $0.05?  It was cheap enough that I don't really care what the cost was!

Price from Premier 1 Supplies - - $4.50

Total Savings: $3.15 and I have it now, not in a few days!

Hope this was helpful to somebody!  Please ask any questions and share any comments.

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