Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brooder Pic's

We got our chicks, all 104 of them, from Meyer Hatchery on April 29th.  We lost about 8 of them in the brooder, but I didn't realize it till a few weeks later as the dead would be covered up with wood chips, only to be discovered as I was stirring them up... but regardless, I thought I'd show you guys some pictures, those are always fun!

*I had about an inch between the lights and the boxes... please don't bother telling me about fire hazards, as I could hold the light by the aluminum reflector without burning myself... I wasn't worried about the boxes catching fire.

The chicken nipple gaskets leaked, so I built a catch basin underneath.  I emptied it once or twice in 2 wks.

My neighbor let me borrow this thing.  It has a 250W heater element underneath and worked great!

There wasn't an overabundance of heat, so I cut these boxes to help insulate a smaller space for the chicks.

Looking in on the chicks in the half box...

I need to find some better feeders... those are nice, but don't work as well at 2-1/2 wks old...

The trash can held feed...

Table scraps... they went crazy over that stuff!

Hope you enjoyed them!

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