Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NWOCC - The North West Ohio Cider Company?

Since long before Apple Sauce Day '15, I've been driving around admiring all the different cider apple tree's, whose fruit goes to waste every year!  I can't help but wonder if there would be a market for pressing cider in the area... I've heard $3/gallon to press cider, if you drive a half hour to take it in.  But what if I loaded up on a trailer and came to the apples?  $4/gallon, $5 a gallon?  What would be fair?

Well before I get my cart before my horse, I need to build a cider press!  My wife got me the Herrick Kimball Whizbang Cider book (on Amazon here) for my birthday and now I need a garbage disposal!  I doesn't look like it will happen this year... but I've got an add on Craigslist and I'm hopeful!  Anybody have an old garbage disposal they don't want anymore?

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