Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Apple Crates: An Update

The original?

Some History

Since I last posted about these Apple Crates here, I've been building one for myself and doing some research about where they came from.  Well the picture above is from Ebay and it a picture of the same crate I'm working on... with a few differences.  But it was that auction listing that brought me this picture as well:

So I looked these guys up and found them here.  It looks like they are still making crates, and they might even still sell the one I have been working on.  I've called and left a message, but no word as of yet...

My Progress:

Monday night around 11pm I wrapped up the first copy of this crate... it was a little more complicated than I had first thought!  I'm not in the process of making detailed drawings of this thing so I can determine if it is something I want to make more of and, if so, how I can do so the most efficiently.

Another view from Ebay

I'm also thinking about staining these things... but we'll have to wait and see.  Who knows, maybe I'll put some up for sale or give some out as gifts?  Maybe it will be enough to fund the purchase of a table saw so I don't have to borrow one anymore!  That'd be nice...

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