Sunday, May 15, 2016

A quote for you

I'll hopefully post a review on it soon, but I'm currently still reading a book called Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature.  In this book I came across a quote that I wanted to share with you.  I have not looked up the person quoted, so I can't provide any background information, but hopefully you can still benefit from it.

"When you go to studying nature, you find that there is a master design.  It is beautiful.  It is perfect.  In my insect program, I show that every insect on earth is designed to do something for nature.  Every living this on earth is programmed to do what it does and be what it is, except human beings.  Human beings have a free will.  We can be inert, we can be stupid, we can kill each other, we can live in harmony.  Every creature was designed for a purpose, to show us something, to give us something, tell us something.  Study, and all of a sudden nature opens her books to you."

I don't know about you, but I find that amazing.  Why?  Well perhaps it is my world view.  I am one of those people who believe there is an all knowing God that created all things by His design and made mankind in His image.  I believe that we as humans are special, for that reason, and this quote seems to back that up.  If you replace the word nature in the above quote with God (and "His"), it fits my view of the world quite amazingly!

Now for those of you who have not done so, this is probably a good time to point you towards a video I had the privilege to watch the other night with my wife... actually, it was spread out over a whole week, as we had to break it up into segments to fit into our "free time", which is the time between after the kids go to bed and after we finish cleaning up the kitchen and before we go to bed... it's called Back to Eden and can be found at  I highly recommend you watch it!  It had the effect of making my wife excited about gardening, so you are now warned about what the consequences may be!  (We moved over 8 yards of wood chips last weekend... I sure hope it works for us like it did for him!)

Okay, here's the teaser we watched first, in case you don't have 2hrs to devote to watching the full length version... (you have to watch it at youtube apparently)

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