Monday, July 13, 2015

Pictures? Nope...

Well for those of you who still read, I apologize...

My typical routine when I get home from work is to, if I am good, jump into some play/work clothes (the manual labor kind, not the desk kind) and head off to the garden to defrag and loose myself for a few minutes.  Many a time in the past months have I carried my camera out, taking pictures of updates, but those pictures never managed to make the transition from camera to jump-drive...

...and hence, I have no pictures for my post today.  But I can still tell you guys what's going on!  (I know, it's boring without pictures.)

  • One of the seeds I planted this year was some leftover cabbage seeds from the previous year.  I started the plants in the basement and then transplanted it into what I call "Black Gold" - composted cattle manure from a neighbor.  Then I went to the library and checked out this book: 
    • Last Saturday we made the sour kraut recipe with beets and carrots in it... we tried it on Saturday and behold, IT WAS GOOD!  I'll also do some bragging... that cabbage that I planted turned out to be an 8lb cabbage... I scoff at the 2lb cabbages from the grocery store!  (It wouldn't have happened without the black gold and God's blessing, no doubt!)
  • Volunteers, yay!
    • I'm not talking about people coming over to ask me what they can help with, although that would be sweet!  Nope, I'm talking about plants.  Last years compost pile has now turned into a mountainous heap of squash of all types.  So far I have seen butternut, spaghetti and acorn squash in there...
  •   Powdery Mildew
    • Every year I've seen squash decimated by powdery mildew... so far I haven't seen it hit too hard, but that may be due to the 11in of rain we've gotten.  But between the rains, I'm trying my best to get in there and spray a 1% solution of organic Neem Oil on all the leaves... will provide updates.
  • Japanese Beetles
    • I saw my first one this past week.  These guys destroy all things good in life, so it seems.  Last year they hit the grape vines hard, the neighbors hops, a weep cherry in our front yard and a few other plants.  Supposedly the neem oil will get those guys as well!  
  • Growers Minerals
    • Just learned about these guys and I'm trying to learn more.  My local rep is also a farmer, so he's a little busy right now...
  • Tomato's
    • With all the rain, everyone I know is talking about how their tomato's are dead... thanks to the wizbang trellis, thank you Herrick Kimball, mine are doing great!  We may put out a little stand and see if we can make some $ selling them this year, seeing as how a few members of the family have tomato sensitivities... no fun by the way.
I'm sure there's more, but I'm out of lunch hour!  I'll try to get some pictures put up this week...

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